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Capture the magic of the Caribbean from the deck of your own private charter yacht! Clear blue water, warm tropical breezes, lush green island palms, and white sand beaches. Don't be stuck with the same itinerary as 1,500 other people on a cruise ship. You decide what islands, dive sites, beaches and sights you want to see. Step away from the mainstream, explore, dream, discover the Virgin Islands.


With our fully customized private yacht charters, be prepared for the most memorable of vacations. Now with over 300 chartered yachts available, coming to us means you've already started your vacation. We will match you with the yacht and crew which meet your every desire. Attention to detail is our business providing only  the finest of crews for our distinguished guests.


A charter vacation is the most unique and personalized vacation you can imagine! The professional crewmembers of your yacht will be your captain, chef, tour guide, watersports activities director, nature guide (both above and below the water), and more! Generally, yachts are broken down into three categories: Power yachts, Sailing yachts, and Multihull sailing yachts (Catamarans and Trimarans). You can view all these types in our yacht search offer SCUBA diving - from instructing those who have never tried it, to offering experienced divers acc, along with yachts that specialize in teaching sailing for those who want to add that to their vacation, as well as those yachts wess to our beautiful reefs and coral encrusted shipwrecks.